Three Principles by Sydney Banks

Three Principles (Self Help)


Sydney Banks (1931-2009)

  • Thought 
  • Mind 
  • Consciousness

In 2018, my spiritual Counselor, Billy King, introduced me this profund self-help tool called Three Principles. It was discovered by Sydney Banks.


There are many tools out there for us to help ourselves to elevate our conscious level. This is one of them and very powerful.  To me, after all, there is only self-help to really solve anything. We cannot depend on anybody or anything other than ourselves after all because we are the spirit itself. We are it.


Consciousness is the one which make us aware what we are thinking and feeling. Thought create the reality on the screen of your life. Each one of us has a separate screen to project the reality. Thought is kind of a projector. Mind is closely connected with our feeling which act as a reminder whether or not  we are aligned with healthy state.

About Sydney Banks


Philosopher, lecturer, and author Sydney Banks was born in Scotland in 1931, and lived and worked much of his life in Canada. After a profound insight into the true nature of the mind in 1973, Banks spent the latter part of his life sharing that insight. The result was the development of what Banks called “The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought.”

The insights that Banks shared have had a profound impact on the practice of psychology and psychiatry within a growing community of professionals in therapy, education, and rehabilitation. Correctional facilities, halfway houses, and even shelters for the homeless have all introduced The Three Principles with outstanding success. Banks’ insights have proved to be an affirmative and constructive force in the lives of tens of thousands of individuals.