Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is a natural healing method using crystals and gemstones.  The crystal and gemstones interconnect our energy points on our bodyto release negative energy, metal blockage, emotional tension and help us to come back into balance (Centering).

Crystal Power have been utelized for thousand of years for spiritual, emotional, mental and physical healing.

What’s special about crystals? Their physical existance reflect Pure Life Energy without EGO.

Using Crystal Power is very beneficial for Centering process because Crystals’ Pure Life Energy alines our own Pure Life Energy. Crystals act like a prime water for the well. We all have plenty of water in us, just need a little reminder to reocgnize it so that the water starts to flow efortlessly.

We as Humanbeings exist in more intricate ways than minerals, plants, or animals. We have a free will to create the world through Body, Mind, Consciousness.  Of course we do receive Pure Life Energy and also we are Pure Life Energy itself. However, often times that realm is disturbed by EGO.  Free will is so generous that allows us to create egoic thoughts, negative thoughts, positive thoughts, or any type of thoughts.   Thoughts create our reality and greatly affect our Body and Mind.  Our body and mind’s imbalance is caused by those negative thoughts we create to ourselves.  By creating positive thoughts consciously, or just being aware of the contents of thoughts in NOW naturally bring you back to the center.

Most important part when you do crystal healing is

  1. Set the intention
  2. Relax Relax and Relax
  3. Have fun